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Health Coaching

Health eludes us, but does it have to?

Do you know your position on this illness/continuum?

What are you doing about your current situation?

Need help in assessing your position on the illness and health  continuum? We can help.

We can help you to imagine your healthy self and design your Health Plan. We can help you to implement your plan and take the right action to achieve the results you desire.

Our functional ART of Coaching involves various assessments that will help find the route cause of your health concerns or dis-ease; it includes working together to develop recommendations for action; and tracking results in helping you manage and create health.

Take one of our Health Assessments Now and book a 15 minute  free session to discuss. 

Are you experiencing any of these health situations?

Do you need to make some health changes?

Did you have a health warning and need to prevent the onset of illness?

Do you have to comply with a complex medical regime?

Are you in recovery from a medical condition?

Do you have to integrate work, family and self-care while managing your recovery?

With our health coaching model, we can help you manage any of these situations with a therapeutic lifestyle modification approach.

Together we will develop a partnership

To establish the root causes of your health concerns, using scientific-based systems and tools

To collaborate and develop Rapid Relief Solutions as well as Sustainable Interventions for any health concern or dis-ease you want to manage

To support you in designing a Health Plan that will see you move from your current situation to a healthy thriving you.

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