Take care of your holistic self,
to prevent dis-ease

It has been said that a balanced and happy life is an illusion. But does that mean we must never strive for it?

What is your life looking like today? Do you want it to be different? Is one area of your life creating strain and stress?

Often we ignore that one weak or strained area in our life. However, it will end up impacting other areas. For example, a person’s physical health may experience symptoms perpetuated by emotional stress or relationship stress.

In Functional Medicine, the areas such as mental, spiritual, financial, relationship and career are viewed as mediators and perpetuators of your dis-ease. They, therefore, need to be considered alongside your physical symptoms.

With the help of our health coach, our Wheel of Life Coaching Program will assist you in taking action to put your wheel of life in balance.

Through a series of 6 coaching sessions, we will help you to assess how balanced your wheel of life is. We’ll help you to imagine the life you want to live. Then we’ll design your Wheel of Life Plan and support you in implementing your plan to get the desired results for a balanced life.

Our collaborative lifestyle coaching will help you get to the underlying causes of your unease, limitations and blockages. We will help you draw from your inner wisdom and to design and implement a transformational lifestyle plan. We will help you break through your limitations and develop a beneficial perspective for your life.

Through this series of coaching sessions, you will decide which area to focus on the most to systematically impact your overall health. If needed, the appropriate referrals will be provided for you to consult with the experts in the particular area you want to focus on.

BOOK NOW FOR THE WHEEL OF LIFE COACHING PROGRAMYour experienced coach is waiting to facilitate this exciting journey with you, to get to where you achieve your overall health, wellness and balanced life.

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