Knowledge empowers you
towards healing actions

Research tells us that an informed individual has a higher chance of reversing or going into remission with their chronic medical condition than an uninformed person. Lack of knowledge is a disadvantage when you are unwell and managing a disease.

At Inheritance Academy, we will increase people’s opportunity to heal by sharing researched knowledge as well as guiding and supporting them through their treatment protocols.

Our education platforms are meant to empower people and are designed to give HOPE to people burdened by dis-ease.

Our educational focus areas

Brain Health

We provide the knowledge to develop a healthy brain throughout life. We invest in learning and sharing valuable insights and therapeutics to manage the brain enabling it to attain optimal function, mental health and high cognition. We share insights on how to prevent and reverse cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s. We simplify and educate on Dr Bredesen’s PRECODE and RECODE programs.

The brain is a critical engine, an organ that controls many autonomic processes, including our heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. However, for it to function well it requires the entire body system to be in optimal health.  

At Inheritance Academy, we understand this systemic interaction and will help you see your brain health from this perspective.

Autoimmune and Multiple Sclerosis

 We provide the knowledge necessary to improve one’s health and reverse debilitating symptoms of Autoimmune and Multiple Sclerosis.

We educate on Dr Wahls Protocol which provides proven and well-researched therapeutic methods for autoimmune illnesses. The education is all-encompassing, focusing on all modalities of the Wahls Protocol, which undergo consistent research to enhance them for improvement in managing even the most difficult cases. We believe learning from the experience of others is fundamental to creating shared knowledge, and we go out of our way to learn so we can teach in the most simplified way.

This educational program will simplify complex lifestyle therapeutic methods and give you HOPE that your efforts to work on your health will result in optimal health and quality of life.


We provide you with researched information that many cancer patients have used for healing their Cancer. We share the knowledge accumulated from analysing various research papers, documentaries and information via seminars on Cancer. We have distilled this knowledge into 12 aspects which need to considered when preventing Cancer or once diagnosed with the disease. In addition, we educate on Radical Remission Project insights by Dr Kelly A. Turner. She travelled around the world to learn from individuals who have lived beyond their initial prognosis. The training focuses on applying the 10 common health factors that Radical Remission Survivors practiced in their healing process.

These two educational programs will put you in a condition where not only HOPE drives you to take charge of your own healing, they will also equip you with practical actions to take at a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


We provide insights into preventing and managing diabetes, controlling insulin fluctuation, and creating insulin sensitivity. We educate on insight protocols from various research results, including those consolidated by Dr Leeds, TMDR.UK on managing diabetes. We strongly believe that diabetes is not a death sentence and a condition that should not be described as “I am a diabetic”. People should not wear the label. Changing the perspective of this condition is our mission.

We know many people struggle to modify their lifestyle and move away
from the narrative of “I am diabetic”, we hope this education program
and our coaching will help you change that.

Optimal Health – We offer education on general health and the prevention of dis-ease. We tackle areas that have been proven to mediate or perpetuate diseases such as sleep, stress, environmental toxicity, emotional distress and relationships, as well as diet and nutrition. This information is valuable for those wanting to prevent dis-ease or live with optimal health. In these areas, we educate on diseases such as hypertension, CVD, cholesterol, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and many more, including just feeling unwell.

Our Optimal Health educational program is best suited for corporate wellness days. It can easily be tailored for any duration period and delivered in a speech-like format.

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