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Not feeling well and looking for help with your condition, diagnosis, or symptoms that won’t go away no matter what you have tried? Choose the relevant coaching for you and spend time with our health coaches to get the education, support and coaching to help you on your health journey.
Our health coaches teach our clients how the body works, what the underlying cause of their condition or symptoms are, and how to fix and address them using lifestyle solutions that are data-driven and scientifically proven to work!
Our coaching experts work with you to empower and teach you how to understand and interpret your lab results, what your results mean, how they are connected to your health conditions or symptoms, and most importantly, what to do with the information, how to put protocols together based on your lab results.
They will bring all lifestyle techniques to your attention in order for you to develop a comprehensive health plan; Thereafter they will support you and coach you to be Committed, Compliant and Consistent.

The intention is for you to become your own self-directed healing master, learning to navigate the healing process and enjoy your inherited health.

 Save 5% on packages of 6 sessions
 Save 10% on packages of 12 sessions

Prices are quoted in Rands and US dollars.

S.A and the rest of Africa’s residents pay in Rands, while US/Asia/Europe pay in dollars.


New client 1-hour session R700 / $100

The appointment is your first step before an ongoing coaching relationship begins.

We will review your comprehensive history with you to assess the following:
 Your body system function
 Lifestyle risk factors

 Previous and/or ongoing treatments
 Current medications
 Primary goals
Concluding this visit, we will develop a plan of action together, including recommended
lab tests if needed and the next steps.


Health Assessment session 1-hour session R700 / $100

This appointment :
 Is focused on coaching behavioural lifestyle changes and challenges for clients
who already know their health status.
 Serves as a follow-up session after the development of a comprehensive health plan.
 Is appropriate for clients with an existing prescription from a FM Doctor,
Naturopath etc. and who need support with adherence.
 Appropriate for Character Strength Coaching, the Wheel-of-Life coaching session and
Health Continuum coaching.


Optimal Health and Wellness Strategy Session -
3-hour session, R1785 / $275

Online/Video or Face-2- Face where practical.
This appointment is a combination of all 3 sessions in 1. Where clients get:
 To analyse their health, bring in blood results for discussion, develop a
plan and receive health coaching at the end of the session.
 A strategy session which is effective for those who want to fast-track their health activity
or are unsure which coaching is right for them. You may want to use this session
to combine Finding Purpose Coaching, Character Strength Coaching and
Wheel of Life or Health Continuum Coaching Sessions.



3-week Finding Your Purpose Package @ R 2100 / $300

The appointment will be split into 3 sessions apart from each other to allow for reflective work and feedback sessions.

6- sessions Health Coaching Package @ R 3990 / $570

This package is appropriate for Optimal Health Coaching or for a combination of various types of coaching ( Finding Purpose Coaching, Character Strength Coaching, Wheel of Life Coaching and Health Continuum Coaching) to achieve effective and comprehensive direction on your health.


12 -session Health Coaching Package @ R 7560/ $1080

This package is effective to cover:

i- Brain Health Coaching
Recode and PreCode Coaching
Autoimmune and MS Coaching
Cancer Health Coaching

Radical Mission Coaching


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