The ART of Functional Health Coaching –
a Holistic Approach

We educate, support and collaborate with you on your health journey, whether you are managing a diagnosed medical condition or feel unwell and want to optimise your health. We will help you design your Health Plan and take action to achieve a quality of life and your desired results.

Are you experiencing memory loss or fatigue and vision deterioration? Is your brain function and cognition not as sharp as they could be? Do you have a family member who has had mental health challenges or a neurological medical condition such as Dementia or Alzheimers? Do you need guidance and support in preventing and optimising your Brain Health? Let us partner with you

Have you been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimers? Or are you caring for someone who has been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimers? Do you need guidance and support to care for and manage your medical condition? We are available for you.

Have you been diagnosed with Autoimmune Disease or Multiple Sclerosis? Are you experiencing a decline in mobility? Are your movement and balance not what they used to be? We are here to provide you with the support you need.

Have you been diagnosed with Cancer? Are you healing from Cancer? Or are you caring for someone managing Cancer or in the healing phase? We want to support you on your journey of recovery.

Are you experiencing consistent headaches? Are you consistently thirsty? Do you crave sugar and carbohydrates? Have you been diagnosed as diabetic? Are you battling to control your diabetes? We want to support you on your journey to good health.

Do you need to make some serious health changes but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you don’t have the support? We can guide you; contact us.

Did you have a health warning and need to prevent the onset of illness but don’t know where to start? Or do you lack support? We are here to help guide you.

Are you feeling unwell, but all your test results say you are fine? You want to take action, but you don’t know how? We are here to help you get to the bottom of your unwellness and provide the right support back to good health.

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Our Mission

To help millions of people across the world reach the peak of their health and claim the inheritance given to them at birth.

We empower people to explore therapeutic lifestyle changes which will help heal their experienced dis-ease. We collaborate with Doctors, Scientists and Researchers, and use their work to educate, support and coach our clients to develop dietary and lifestyle strategies that improve their overall heath and quality of life.

We partner with Doctors, Scientists and Researchers who have well-researched therapeutic methods and educate on their practical techniques to help people prevent illness, achieve quality life and even reverse chronic conditions.

We collaborate with our clients in developing their unique health plans and support them in implementing these plans to achieve all-round better health and manage any dis-ease.

We encourage people to search inside themselves for the resilience and the resources that we know exist within them to heal.

Let our health and wellness expert, Renny Letswalo, help you learn, imagine, design, and action a health strategy created just for you, so you can live the healthiest life you were destined for.


A Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, a RECODE 2.0 Certified Health Coach, a Certified Wahls Protocol Health Practitioner and a Radical Remission Health Coach


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