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Brain Health

 Achieving a healthy brain requires systematic management of all other body organs and, as a result, can be quite overwhelming for clients, even with the acquired knowledge from our educational training programs. To bridge the gap, we offer coaching and support.

We support the implementation of the PRECODE and RECODE Program by Dr Bredesen on preventing and reversing cognitive decline, dementia and Alzheimer’s. We partner with RECODE trained Physicians where possible. If the client doesn’t have a RECODE trained Physician, we will work independently with them in conjunction with their primary care physician to support them on the Bredesen Protocol.

Our support in this area is always designed around a person’s needs. We will assist in monitoring important vitals such as oxygen saturation, glucose, ketones, and BMI or help structure exercise programs for the body and the brain.

We will help you to assess all your lifestyle factors to ensure complete brain health. We’ll help assess your risk using renowned assessment tools, DNA testing and advice on critical tests you need to look into with your Doctor.

Our intent is to see the clients improve their brain health, and we empower you on this journey. All these services are available for you to tap into and experience quality of life and optimal brain health.

Autoimmune and Multiple Sclerosis

We educate so that our clients can act on the knowledge they receive. Supporting clients in implementing what we teach has proven to be a recipe for success when achieving quality of health. We have realised that clients start from a different position, and debilitating symptoms can prevent one from having the desire to make changes. That’s why we offer support in implementing the Wahls Protocol by Dr Terry Wahls. We provide help through the different levels of the protocol.

We independently work with clients and receive close support from Dr Terry Wahls to help them on their healing journey. It is like consulting with Dr Terry Wahls indirectly via our structured support.

All this is for you to take advantage of, Our focus is to ensure you make a sustainable behavioural change and experience a good quality of life.


A cancer diagnosis is scary and always comes with a gloomy prognosis just the mention of the words “you have cancer” sends many into a spiral of confusion and on an emotional rollercoaster ride . That’s why we specifically provide such intricate support services, where we help develop a health plan that includes all the required lifestyle modifications necessary for conditioning the body to heal.

We support the implementation of certain protocols, including doing medical research on our client’s behalf if required. We design our services based on our client’s needs, and guide to close the gaps that we see exist and may be causing the client not to adhere to their healing protocol. Every client is different, as are their needs, and we help them to bridge the gap.

Whatever treatment plan you embark on, we are here to assist you in being committed, consistent, and compliant to reach your desired success.


We provide support in an advisory capacity by giving the client all our therapeutic modalities to help put their diabetes into remission, For example,, weight loss and the experts who can help to improve insulin sensitivity. We assist with recommendations on the best weight loss programs to consider based on your personal circumstances.

Our aim is to help you get your vitals – sugar levels, insulin levels and BMI within the appropriate range. We know how critical this is for your overall health, vision, wound healing, and brain health; that’s why this is one of our primary focus and support areas.

Optimal Health

Our support is designed around assessments and tests which are necessary to do to understand your health, track it to prevent disease and promote optimal health.

We provide advice on the best assessments to do for general health status.

We provide an analysis and explanation of blood test results. We have realised many people do blood tests only to get a message “all your bloods are ok”. This even happens when you are not feeling well. The opportunity is missed in using the acquired data to deeply search for the root cause of dis-ease, to prevent it and optimise health.

In conjunction with InsideTracker, we analyse blood tests in detail and provide recommendations for implementing therapeutic lifestyle changes.

One of the tests available to explore is DNA testing. With DNAnalysis, we help people to crystallise their health plan and personalise it to suit who they are so they can stop guessing and following treatment plans blindly, only to end up to deteriorating health.

At Inheritance Academy, we believe in using robust data to guide the precise management of our clients health. Analysis of personal health data helps direct activities as per the scientific understanding of self.

This data and approach to health allows you to gain deeper control of your health with a personalised health plan and care.

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