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About Us

Inheritance Academy was established by Renny Letswalo as a health coaching institute to work with individuals in improving their health and lifestyle by empowering them with knowledge, skills and confidence to take control of their healing journey to….

  • collaborate with medical practitioners who want to improve their patient’s health by better caring for them beyond the conventional medical service of “15-minutes per patient”.
  • partner with businesses and employers to optimise individual potential.
  • work with corporates to enhance their wellness programs and move from tracking their employees’ current health status to designing programs that truly change their wellness—ultimately contributing to the business’s overall achievement of its visions and goals.

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Our Expertise and Services

Health Education

We educate and empower people to become knowledgeable in well-researched and proven therapeutic lifestyle modification protocols, helping heal ongoing dis-ease and chronic medical conditions.

Our education programs are delivered in a workshop-style format on-site, virtually and via online platforms. Education is also included in the process of our one-to-one coaching to create a common understanding with clients. Our education and knowledge sharing are based on specific programs, protocols and insights by particular Doctors, Scientists and Researchers.

Our education is all to empower you for a better healthy quality of life.

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Client Support

We provide support when implementing any lifestyle changes to improve one’s health. We meet clients wherever they are at, whether it is about providing shopping lists, recipes, and education on monitoring health vitals – oxygen saturation, glucose, ketones, and BMI – or helping structure exercise programs for the body and the Brain — we are ready to assist. Where feasible, we accompany clients to doctors’ appointments to take notes and ask pertinent questions regarding the provided treatment – more often than not, people don’t ask their doctors the questions that need asking.

At Inheritance Academy, we become YOUR advocate. After all, this is a care partnership designed around your health needs and desires.

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Health Coaching

We focus on personal health and lifestyle modifications. Our coaching techniques are designed to engage with people at whatever stage they are at on their health and wellness journey. Using an empathetic and positive approach, we harness our client’s strengths to help them embark on this personal transformation journey. The coaching is at the client’s pace, and in areas, they want to address to improve their health, whether it is Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, Relationship or Financial areas of their lives, we will tackle together with them. It may be about the overwhelm with Diet protocol, difficulty with sleep patterns, balancing stress or confusion with medication and supplementation; we are here to help make behavioural change possible and sustainable for quality health.

Your destination of personal best health and quality of life is our number one intention at Inheritance Academy.

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Meet our coach

Renny Letswalo is the founder of Inheritance Academy. She created the Inheritance Therapeutic Health Coaching Model. She brings together her personal, career and health experiences into this coaching model with her art of functional health coaching.

After a demanding corporate career which spanned over 25 years, Renny sought solutions for being overweight, sick and fatigued to get herself well again. Her successful weight loss ignited her curiosity and passion for learning about everything relating to health. These took her on a journey of personal growth where she challenged her conventional life and work environments. Renny embarked on a new field of studies to equip herself to help others with their health.

Renny is now a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, a RECODE 2.0 Certified Health Coach, a Wahl’s Protocol Practitioner and Cancer Radical Remission Health Coach. She uses her passion, knowledge and experience to educate, support and coach others to get to their own optimal health. Renny believes this is her life purpose.

Renny’s Credentials

  • Functional Medicine Coaching Academy – Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach
  • Apollo Health – RECODE 2.0 (Dr Bredesen Protocol) Health Coach
  • Wicking Dementia Research (University of Tasmania) – Understanding & Preventions of Dementia
  • Dr Wahls Academy – Dr Wahl’s Protocol Practitioner
  • Menzies Institute for Medical Research – Understanding Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Radical Remission Project – Radical Remission Health Coach
  • DNA Analysis – DNA Health Practitioner
  • Cambridge Weight Plan – Weight Management Consultant
  • Absa Development Initiative– Personal Growth and Leadership Development
  • University Northwest – BA in Psychology and Communication, Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Wits University – Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management
  • Chicago Booth – Executive Masters in Business Administration

Our Partners, Associations and Accreditations