Know your current health
to prevent chronic illness

Health often eludes us, but does it have to?

Do you know your position on the illness-wellness continuum diagram below?

What are you doing about your current situation?

Our Health Continuum Coaching is geared to help you assess your health status and help better your position on the illness and health continuum. Whether you are in a debilitating state, are diagnosed with a condition, experience unexplained symptoms, or are not feeling well, our Health Continuum Coaching will teach you how to take control of your health position and improve it. We will empower you to move from a low to a high level of wellness. Teach you how your body works, what potential underlying causes could be at play and what therapeutic solutions exist for the dis-ease.

The Health Continuum Coaching session will increase your awareness of your condition and educate you on how to take control of your health for a higher level of health and wellness. We take you through of imaginary journey of your healthy self and help you design your health plan to achieve your desired state of health.

We encourage you to explore all possibilities to implement your health plan and take the right action to achieve the results you set for yourself.

Our Art of Functional Health Coaching involves various assessments to help us find the root cause of your health concerns or dis-ease. It includes working together, with this personal gathered data, to find ways to take action and track results to help you manage and create optimal quality health. You will have the opportunity to share your blood test results for a joint analysis. We will teach you how to understand and interpret your blood lab results, what your results mean and how they are connected to your health condition or symptoms; most critical, we will jointly explore what potential actions to take to move you to a high level of wellness.

Book a 1-hour Health Continuum Coaching session.  When you book, you will automatically do one of our comprehensive health assessments, which will establish the state of your general health. The 1-hour coaching session is your health strategy session where your health plan and actions will be developed.

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