Behavioral change for
sustainable healing

Our coaching is designed in partnership with our clients to help them make lifestyle behaviour changes that seem difficult, overwhelming or time-consuming to implement or adhere to. We are here to help them take action and make sustainable changes to experience the ultimate healing.

In addition, we’ll help our clients to dig deep and find the motivation from within to become committed, compliant and consistent with their treatment and healing plan.

At Inheritance Academy, we are your partner in behavioural change. We will empower you to handle your healing process and see incredible results.

Our Coaching Coverage

Life purpose coaching

The Life Purpose Coaching process will help you go into a deeply reflective process and evaluate all the elements of your life, starting from your childhood experiences to now, to discover your life’s purpose.

Having a purpose helps you navigate life’s most difficult situations and can even contribute to people healing from chronic health conditions. Simply establishing your reason to be, helps navigate you throughout life.

So, if you are stuck and feeling lost in this big and confusing world, book for a deeply reflective process of self-discovery. By doing the 3-week session, you will soon achieve a better handle on the person you are or the person you are meant to be, and you will have the best navigator for your journey ahead.

BOOK A COACHING SESSION TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE , and find the inner calmness to navigate life. Having a life purpose is a good base for overcoming challenges and setbacks and may be helpful for those with depression and anxiety.

Character strength coaching

This coaching helps one determine their strengths and focuses on harnessing them to achieve life goals and improve health. We have been taught to always focus on improving our weaknesses. But research has shown that harnessing our strengths is much more effective than dwelling on improving our weaknesses. We help you with this process of positive orientation in finding out who you are for overall good health, including mental health. Learn more about Character strength coaching. If you are ready to take action and access character strength coaching,


Wheel of life coaching

This is for people who need to create a more balanced life. A coaching session will propel you toward your goals. We sometimes underestimate how our life is interconnected. Our emotions affect our mental health, physical health, relationships, and career. If we are experiencing negative emotions in our career, for example, this can affect everything else in our life and our health.

Our health mediators and perpetrators need to be tackled at all times, whether managing a dis-ease or preventing an illness. We help you to establish where the imbalance is coming from, so that you can deeply address the impact it is having on your life and health.


Health continuum coaching

This is for people wanting to optimise their health. We’ll discuss your current status and develop a vision for optimal health and wellness. Together we will develop a strategy for you to achieve your goals by using our well-tested techniques. LEARN MORE ABOUT WHAT TO CONSIDER DURING THIS SESSION, and BOOK A COACHING SESSION.

Health prescription coaching

This is for anyone who has a prescription from either a Functional Medicine Practitioner, Integrative Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Holistic Doctor or any other Health Professional and you’re finding it difficult to adhere to the prescription. We support and coach our clients to be committed, compliant and consistent with their medical regime. We help make their prescription much less overwhelming so that they can achieve healing. This coaching will also help distil any diagnosis or confusion with unexplained symptoms by teaching on how the body works.

In addition, clients have the opportunity to share their blood test results for joint analysis. We teach how to understand and interpret blood lab results, what the results mean and how they are connected to one’s health concerns or symptoms. BOOK A COACHING SESSION HERE. Doctors are most welcome to refer their patients and partner with us to help them achieve their healing. Health Coaching has been proven to deliver better and more effective results for patients.

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DNA analysis coaching

Have you taken a DNA test and now you are feeling overwhelmed by the results? Do you need help to unpack your results and look at ways to prevent weaker genes from impacting your health?

Research tells us that we are not our genes and that our identified weak genes need not affect us. By making certain lifestyle changes, we can live a healthy life. We coach on DNA test results and offer clients the opportunity to test for DNA if they haven’t. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE DNA TESTS ON OFFER. BOOK FOR A DNA COACHING SESSION HERE.

Brain health coaching

We offer three brain health coaching programs. The i-brain health coaching Program, as well as the PRECODE and RECODE Program. We coach based on a highly researched protocol by Dr Bredesen, who has proven that it’s possible to reverse cognitive decline with lifestyle changes and a comprehensive treatment plan. We offer PRECODE and RECODE Coaching Platforms with the support of Apollo Health. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR BRAIN HEALTH COACHING PROGRAMS . To understand better which program is suitable for you, TAKE A FREE ASSESSMENT and BOOK NOW FOR A COACHING SESSION.

Autoimmune & MS health coaching

We coach on a highly researched Autoimmune (MS) Wahls Protocol by Dr Terry Wahls. Doctor Wahls hasn’t only researched her protocol by working with many patients who experience autoimmune illnesses, she has also experienced remarkable healing herself with the Wahls Protocol. Experience our Wahls Protocol Coaching and join the many who are now experiencing improved health.

This coaching is in association with Dr Wahls’s support; where necessary, we discuss complex cases with her for guidance. You indirectly receive consultation from her when you embark on this coaching journey with Inheritance Academy. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR WAHLS COACHING PROGRAM and BOOK COACHING SESSION NOW

Cancer health coaching

Cancer causes the fear of a bleak future, but we have learned that it doesn’t have to be this way. We can heal from Cancer and live many years after the diagnosis and beyond prognosis. With our own researched knowledge of the 12-aspect of healing from Cancer and the insights acquired from the Radical Remission Project, a thesis research by Dr Kelly Turner, we are able to better coach cancer patients on their journey of healing. To tap into our Cancer Coaching services designed around your needs BOOK A CANCER COACHING SESSION HERE.

Diabetes health coaching

Diabetes affects many people on a global level. Some live in a pre-diabetic state and aren’t even aware of this. We believe no one should die of diabetes as it is preventable, manageable and reversible with lifestyle modifications that have proven to work. This health coaching is about helping you in your commitment, compliance and consistency on your journey of healing. LEARN MORE AND BOOK A COACHING SESSION HERE

Optimal health coaching

We believe that health is not illusive. Early ageing is a choice; it also brings many chronic illnesses that lifestyle modifications can best prevent. If you want to live a long and healthy life, this program is for you. We coach optimising one’s health, using multiple techniques and working with Insidetracker to facilitate optimal health. We partner with you throughout the process and help adapt your lifestyle modifications as we track your health. BOOK AN OPTIMAL HEALTH COACHING SESSION and feel the best you have ever felt.

This coaching is relevant for anyone who is also not feeling their best and hasn’t been diagnosed or has been diagnosed and received treatment but isn’t seeing a health improvement. BOOK AN OPTIMAL HEALTH COACHING SESSION, and we will help you to improve your health.

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