Ways to get to know yourself better

Knowledge is a key foundation to corrective successful action.

We have packaged a bucket of assessment tools to help you know more about yourself. We believe that the more you know yourself (your genetics and your character strengths) and know your current status (health and lifestyle assessment and diagnosis) the better you are equipped to find the root cause of your health concerns or dis-ease and identify your lifestyle obstacles, so that you can develop an effective personalised Health Plan or Lifestyle Plan.



We offer character strength assessments in partnership with the VIA Institute on character. VIA is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the science of character strengths to the world. They do so by creating and validating surveys of character, supporting researchers and developing practical strengths-based tools for individuals and professionals, such as therapists, managers and educators. In this spirit, the VIA Survey is offered free of charge worldwide in many languages.

Health Assessment

Health is defined as the absence of disease. We believe health is much more than that. It’s what you’re eating, how you’re moving, and essentially how you’re living.

After completion send assessment to Interested@Inheritanceacademy.com 

Stress assessment

“Stress is one of the root causes of the many ills we have. It hinders the metabolism, dulls a sharp mind and affects the heart rate.  It increases the level of inflammation in the body and impairs optimum daily function.  Get to know your stress code and improve your over-all health and lifestyle.”

After completion send assessment to Interested@Inheritanceacademy.com 

Lifestyle Mapping 360 Degrees

How smooth or bumpy is your life?

Are there areas of your life that need attention?

What areas of your life are you willing to address now, sooner than later?

After completion send assessment to Interested@Inheritanceacademy.com 

Sleep assessment

Sleep is important for musculoskeletal healing and for healthy immune function, mood, cognitive and brain function, as well as for many physiological functions. Taking the assessment will help to determine whether you are getting the sleep you need and to identify possible strategies to help you sleep better.

After completion send assessment to Interested@Inheritanceacademy.com 

preCODE and ReCODe

The Cq or Cognitive Quotient is a cognitive assessment devised by Dale Bredesen, MD, created specifically to detect early signs of neurological degeneration.

The Cq Assessment is comprised of the AQ-6 Questionnaire, a subset of the AQ-21 (a proven informant-based screening questionnaire for Alzheimer’s disease), and an abbreviated CNS Vital Signs assessment (that evaluates executive function, speed processing, verbal and visual memory). Your Cq score is a percentile-based on how well you perform compared to age-matched peers.

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