Take a Free Cognitive Assessment right in the comfort of your own home.

Taking a cognitive assessment might feel scary, especially if you’re already
experiencing “senior moments”. We understand but knowing where you stand is the first
step towards optimizing your cognition. For the first time in history, early-stage
Dementia can be reversed using the Bredesen Protocol®.

Clinical Trial Results by Dr. Bredesen showed us that about 84% of the participants
improved their cognition. This is great news, given that over the years, we have been
told that there is nothing that can be done for people with cognitive changes.

Protect Your Future Cognition

It is important to begin the prevention or reversal program as early as possible.
Researchers agree that the pathology behind Alzheimers takes at least a decade for
the first symptom to appear. That means our biochemistry is changing ten years or
more before we notice cognitive changes.

This long pre-symptomatic period offers us an important transitional period in which we
can effectively intervene. The first step is to quantify your current state of cognition.

Access your Free Assessment gift, and know your risk status. The assessment is for
personal use; you don’t have to share it with anyone, and it is for you to know your
current status and seek help as you see fit.

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