This platform is designed to analyse individuals’ data, such as blood tests and DNA results, to help create evidence-based solutions that are simple, clear and actionable.

Every day there’s a new diet trend: “Eat that, take this, avoid those. InsideTracker takes the guessing out of the equation by analysing your blood, DNA, lifestyle and nutritional habits to guide how to live, look, age, and perform better.

InsideTracker has already helped many people improve their lives by improving their bodies from the inside out, using personalised recommendations for nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle. It aims to optimise everyone’s health, from elite athletes to busy professionals and stressed-out adults.

At Inheritance Academy, we have incorporated this into The Inheritance Therapeutic Health Coaching Model. We make this platform accessible to all our clients who want to know more about their blood test results. We often visit the doctor’s office for our blood tests, but we never end up seeing a copy of the results, nor the results being discussed with us in detail. We employ InsideTracker to help you gain better knowledge of your blood test results, better control of your health and give you much deeper insights than you wouldn’t normally receive from your doctor.

This platform will also help us empower you with the skills to understand and interpret your lab results, what your results mean and how they connect to and symptoms or conditions you may be experiencing. Most importantly will educate you on optimal ranges of biomarkers and how to improve them.

When you are not feeling well or want to optimise your health, you shouldn’t just guess but establish the root cause and track the progress of your health as you implement therapeutic solutions. At the Inheritance Academy, we will coach you and develop a health plan based on the insights gained from InsideTracker.


You can book for one session at a time or take advantage of the 6-session series. The 6-sessions will afford you comprehensive, collaborative coaching that will empower you to optimise your health.

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