Genetic Analysis by DNAlysis

DNAlysis offers an innovative approach to genetic testing. These industry-leading methods provide individuals and their health practitioners with uniquely personalised treatments.

The personalised approach to healthcare allows for more precise, predictable and preventive health care customised for the individual.

Highly trained health practitioners use a range of DNA tests to better understand what one needs for optimal health to cover a spectrum of genetic qualities. DNAnalysis offers various genetic tests

DNA Diet

Is a genetic test designed to guide the personalisation of diet and lifestyle recommendations in order to manage weight? It provides insight into which diet type (low carbohydrate, low fat, or Mediterranean diet) would be most suitable for you according to your unique genetic makeup.

The DNA Diet test is suitable for any individual who is trying to lose weight, or has experienced weight loss resistance in the past, or has tried many different diet types without success, or who simply wants to optimise their macronutrient distribution for improved weight management outcomes. There is no one diet or way of eating that is correct for everyone. DNA Diet will help you understand how your genetic profile can impact your response to different eating plans and which type of diet is best for you

DNA health 

The DNA Health test serves as a basis to understand the functioning of key biological pathways that govern overall health, and how genetic weaknesses in these pathways may increase predisposition to chronic diseases of lifestyle.

DNA Health can be viewed as a ‘foundation to health’ test and is thus appropriate for any individual seeking to improve their health outcomes, be it those who already suffer from, or those who are concerned about a family history of chronic disease. The test is also valuable for those who would like to optimise health outcomes and refine their health routine with a targeted approach to diet, lifestyle and nutraceuticals.

DNA mind 

is a genetic test designed to guide the personalisation of exercise and training recommendations. The report provides highly personalised and effective training advice, allowing you to adapt to, compensate for, and maximise your genetic strength

DNA Sport is a genetic test for those looking to get maximum benefit from time spent training, and better understand their risk for soft tissue injuries and optimal recovery times. So whether you are a newcomer to exercise, a weekend warrior, or an elite athlete looking for that extra edge; speak to your healthcare practitioner today about how DNA Sport can help you adopt a more personalised approach to achieving your performance goals.

DNA Oestrogen

The report provides an analysis of the genes involved in the process of oestrogen metabolism, and details appropriate diet, nutraceutical, and lifestyle recommendations to optimises this process

The DNA Oestrogen test is suitable for women and men who suffer from oestrogen-dominant conditions and who have higher lifetime exposure to oestrogens such as HRT and oestrogen-based contraceptives, oestrogen metabolites and other carcinogens.

In addition, the test can be highly beneficial for:

Women or men with a strong family history of breast, ovarian, colon or prostate cancer

Women who suffer from oestrogen-dominant conditions such as endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, and uterine fibroid tumours

Women considering oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy or bio-identical hormone supplementation

Women who are considering in vitro fertilisation or who have been diagnosed with oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

DNA Active 

DNA Active® is a genetic test designed to guide the personalisation of training and nutritional recommendations to optimise athletic performance. It provides insight into power and endurance potential, genetic risk for soft tissue injuries and how to ensure optimal recovery time between high intensity sessions.

The DNA Active report is your handy reference guide to weight management, exercise responsiveness, nutrient requirements, and a host of other factors that will combine to help you reach your performance goals.

The DNA Active test was created to assist trainers and coaches in designing unique and effective training and nutrition programmes, optimised to assist clients in accomplishing their performance and weight loss goals. The test is suitable for the elite performance athlete as well as the recreational athlete looking to maximise their fitness potential and reach peak levels of conditioning.

DNA Resilience

The report can determine an individuals’ genetic potential for resilience and provide ways in which intrinsic strengths can be amplified and existing weaknesses reduced. The gene-based action steps you will receive in your report centre on highly individualised lifestyle strategies that leverage diet, targeted activity, lifestyle changes, and nutritional supplements.

DNA Resilience is a genetic test for individuals looking to cope better under stressful or demanding conditions, or lead more effectively in business, sport and life. DNA Resilience can help enhance your mental, emotional and physical health, and inform lifestyle strategies that enable you to live up to your fullest potential, overcome stress and excel in everyday life, from work to home.

To order a DNA test click here, and your testing kit will be sent to your doorstep and collected when you have completed the testing. Once the results are available, we will set up a 1-hour DNA Coaching session

DNAlysis is available to people residing in South Africa. For those who live in the US, you can access DNA testing through Insidetracker, which will allow us to offer you DNA coaching.

Why DNA Coaching?

Recently, personalised healthcare has seen many more people better understand themselves and take the right actions towards improving their health to prevent diseases. While this has been beneficial for some, it has caused strain for others who feel overwhelmed with the many messages they received. It doesn’t have to be that way, though, because knowledge is power and knowing your genetic disposition towards something can help you to take control of it.

Our DNA coaching is designed for just that, to help you take control! A session with us will eliminate the confusion and feelings of being overwhelmed by too much information when you receive your DNA report. We break the report down into manageable bite sizes and develop clear focus areas for your health – lifestyle modifications are recommended in the report. Whether you have an old DNA report or have recently taken a DNA test, we will work together to unpack what the report says about you and how best to navigate your preventative care or management of the dis-ease.

We will help you develop a simple health plan with attainable action steps for you to take towards changing your lifestyle for the best health and wellness.

With the DNA report, our DNA coaching will help you boost your health to the next level! For your first consultation, you can book a session here.

OR, take advantage of the 6-session series at the here. The 6-sessions will allow for comprehensive, collaborative coaching that will empower you to become the healthiest you have ever been and live your best life. In contrast, a once-off coaching session provides only educational consultation.

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